Dainese D-Air Misano Racing Suit-Black/Red-Euro 54


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Dainese D-Air Misano Racing Suit-Black/Red-Euro 54

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• Dainese D-Air Racing
• Electronic Sensors
• D-Skin 2.0 Leather
• Aerodynamic Spoiler
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The history of Dainese began in Molvena, Italy in 1972. Lino Dainese, a young motorcyclist and businessman, started designing and making protective clothing for bike riders. Taking inspiration from the geometry of medieval armoury and from nature itself, Dainese made technological innovation for protection during sports their true mission. To Dainese safety means protection, comfort and reliability, factors which, when properly balanced, lead to the creation of highly effective products which meet the requirements of a wide range of customer needs. Riders on track need a different balance between protection and comfort than, for instance, scooter riders. The engineers at D-Tec (Dainese Technology Center) have all the skills needed to transfer the experience gained from the extreme conditions of competitions, to create a collection of products that caters for all types of motorbike riders. Research, development and competition are therefore the essence of a journey that began more than forty years ago. From Giacomo Agostini to Valentino Rossi, Dainese became part of motorcycling with the greatest riders thanks to their invention of products like back protectors, knee sliders or the evolution of existing products with the introduction of innovative technologies and materials. It was Dainese who conceived the idea of “head-to-toe” protection which combines various clothing components with rider protection, and optimises performance and weight. It was also Dainese who created D-air®, the intelligent protection based on air bag technology for bike riders.


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